“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

Mark Twain

As a Certified Master Coach, lawyer of over 25 years, and student of end-of-life issues, Patti Francis is in a unique position to help you plan for the many issues relating to the end of your life, regardless of your age or health.   Just as many of us have diligently engaged in living life fully, it also makes sense to plan ahead for the inevitability of death, not only sparing our loved ones a burden after our deaths but also having things done in accordance with our wishes.  Let’s work on a plan to make the most of your life, with the ease of knowing that you have had an opportunity to contribute to the ways in which your life is remembered and celebrated; that things flow as smoothly as possible for those left behind.

Services include:

Advance Directives (including, if requested, assistance in discussing end-of-life wishes with family and healthcare givers)

Obituary writing (plan ahead how your story will be told and where you would like it to appear, including meeting specific requirement of various publications and sites)

Art Coaching (for the Dying and Mourning) and Facilitation (for creating remembrances)

Planned giving (consultation, counsel and directives on designees for your resources)

Patient advocacy (including reviewing options and attending doctors and other appointments).

Celebration of Life/Funeral service planning (including planning location, program text and photos/artwork, music, readings, speakers, food, video presentation)

Burial or Cremation Plans (including research regarding options in your state, traditional and green burials, etc.)

Organizing paperwork and personal property

Facilitating family meetings

Hospice, palliative care and home visits

Post-death assistance (organization, assisting family members, etc)

Next Steps…

Please contact me to discuss these or other planning needs.  I look forward to talking with you.