Patricia A. Francis

Patti Francis is a lawyer, a Certified Master Coach, and a person with extensive interest in, and experience with, end-of-life issues. As a lawyer in private practice for 22 years (associate with large firms in NYC and DC and partner for 14 years at DLA in DC), Patti then turned her attention to coaching and counseling, which led her to a practice involving volunteering in the area of one of her deepest life-long passions and a path in which she felt she could make a positive difference–focusing on the ways we spend the remainder of our lives and planning beyond.

Patti received her JD from University of Virginia School of Law in 1988 and BA from Mississippi State University (summa cum laude), having grown up in Amory, Mississippi. ¬†Patti enjoys spending time with her children and boxer, creating art, baking, color consultation and design, daily exercise, volunteering with hospice, and social justice advocacy. ¬†Patti’s artwork and design can be seen at Serpentine Walls.